Still need to make a lantern for this year’s parade?

Make this adorable flowerpot to carry in Saturday’s parade!

Flowerpot Lantern!

Flowerpot Lantern!

Here’s how to make this easy lantern at home:

Fantastical flora in time for Saturday’s parade… see you on the streets!

Need a bug lantern for this Saturday’s Parade?

Here are a few instructions! These adorable bug lanterns can be made out of recycled materials and a few coffee filters (3-4 small filters per lantern) These lanterns are quick, easy and fun to make. A little adult supervision will be needed to operate some cheeky equipment, but apart from that, happy lantern-making and we look forward to seeing your fabulous creations!

Make a bug lantern at home from recycled materials....

Make a bug lantern at home from recycled materials….

If you need a little pole, just pull a large paperclip apart, and tape one end firmly down to a dry stick, using duct tape. The other end can slip straight into your pipe-cleaner hook.
LED Lights are available for sale from both TBPS school gym and Rusty Parker before the parade.

Make a Cute Bug Lantern: