Need a bug lantern for this Saturday’s Parade?

Here are a few instructions! These adorable bug lanterns can be made out of recycled materials and a few coffee filters (3-4 small filters per lantern) These lanterns are quick, easy and fun to make. A little adult supervision will be needed to operate some cheeky equipment, but apart from that, happy lantern-making and we look forward to seeing your fabulous creations!

Make a bug lantern at home from recycled materials....

Make a bug lantern at home from recycled materials….

If you need a little pole, just pull a large paperclip apart, and tape one end firmly down to a dry stick, using duct tape. The other end can slip straight into your pipe-cleaner hook.
LED Lights are available for sale from both TBPS school gym and Rusty Parker before the parade.

Make a Cute Bug Lantern:

Walk of the Fireflies

Over the past two weeks, 3rd and 4th graders at Thatcher Brook Primary School have been working with artist Gowri Savoor, during a very special residency to create fireflies for an interactive light installation.
Using recycled bottles and containers from the school cafeteria, our talented students have created some spectacular bugs. Look out for them at the Walk of the Fireflies this year at Dac Rowe Park, for this year’s River of Light finale.

Emerging artists at Thatcher Brook Primary School

A selection of 3rd and 4th grade artists  at Thatcher Brook Primary School had the opportunity to design and build some large-scale lanterns this week. They went through the entire creative process; brainstorming, drawing, designing, collaborating and finally building. Modifying lanterns built during previous workshops, our talented crew came up with a spider, a ladybird, a dragonfly and a butterfly.