Lantern Fever takes over Thatcher Brook Primary School

For the past few weeks, TBPS students from Pre-K to 4th grade have been working with excitement to complete their lanterns for this year’s River of Light in Waterbury. Pre-K to 2nd grade students have been working with MK Monley, art teacher at Thatcher Brook. 3rd and 4th graders worked with Gowri Savoor to make individual flower-pot lanterns which will be overflowing with wild vegetation and fantastical flora, come parade day.

Walk of the Fireflies

Over the past two weeks, 3rd and 4th graders at Thatcher Brook Primary School have been working with artist Gowri Savoor, during a very special residency to create fireflies for an interactive light installation.
Using recycled bottles and containers from the school cafeteria, our talented students have created some spectacular bugs. Look out for them at the Walk of the Fireflies this year at Dac Rowe Park, for this year’s River of Light finale.

Emerging artists at Thatcher Brook Primary School

A selection of 3rd and 4th grade artists  at Thatcher Brook Primary School had the opportunity to design and build some large-scale lanterns this week. They went through the entire creative process; brainstorming, drawing, designing, collaborating and finally building. Modifying lanterns built during previous workshops, our talented crew came up with a spider, a ladybird, a dragonfly and a butterfly.

Lantern-Making Residency at TBPS, Waterbury 2014

The lantern-making residency at Thatcher Brook Primary School has just drawn to a close. 3rd and 4th graders worked with artist Gowri Savoor to make some beautiful lanterns based on a simple saltbox house, in keeping with the theme of Our Town. The students really enjoyed working with the willow–we realized that 4th graders have made a lantern and attended the lantern procession every year that they have been in school, since starting in Kindergarten. Here are a few images from the 2-week residency.

TBPS Students study Architecture with Angelo Arnold

This week, the 3rd and 4th Graders at Thatcher Brook Primary School have been studying Architecture with Angelo Arnold, sculptor and 3-D Professor at Norwich University. Architecture students Katie Anderson and Kaylan Aufdermaur accompanied him for the week, and helped advise the students and share their knowledge. There were challenges for the 3rd & 4th graders – they were only to use a single sheet of paper, tape, pencil and ruler – but they faced the constraints and made some incredible structures. They also had an opportunity to learn how to screen print their own t-shirts with architecture student Brenden Brogan under Angelo’s supervision.

Community Workshop 2: TBPS, Waterbury VT

The community workshop at Thatcher Brook Primary School was pretty fabulous. We had a full house including some artists who spent the day finishing off their structures. The 4th graders have made a big impression at TBPS this year – 16 lucky students spent two intensive afternoons working with Gowri to make some of their own larger-scale sea creature lanterns–sculptors in the making.