2012 Artists’ Workshop

On November 17th & 18th, we held our 2-day intensive Artists’ Workshop to teach and assist regional artists to make  larger-scale lanterns to spearhead this year’s parade. We had a wonderful turnout – almost 30 artists and art teachers booked their places in advance and we even had an architect, a toy designer and an industrial designer to add to the mix. We were especially happy to see the art teachers over the weekend –  with MK Monley representing Thatcher Brook, Jen Campbell representing Rumney School in Middlesex, Avril and Marianna from Stowe Middle School and Wanda Needham from the Newton School in Strafford.  Inspired by our theme of ‘Outer Space’, we have a great range of lantern sculptures to showcase at this year’s River of Light that are truly out of this world. Images below…

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